About Vianney Vocations

Who We Are & What We Do

100% Focused on Increasing Vocations

The mission of Vianney Vocations is to renew the Church by inspiring a new generation of priestly and religious vocations.

We are a team of communications experts, committed to Jesus and His Church, who help Vocation Offices to effectively reach young Catholics and inspire them to open their hearts to God’s call.

Since 2009, Vianney Vocations has focused solely on promoting priestly and religious vocations, working with more than 100 Vocation Offices.

Committed to Renewal

Our goal is the same as yours: to create a culture in which all Catholics—from children to adults—view the priesthood and religious life as worthy vocations to serve Christ and His Church.

We believe that the the basic, underlying condition for an increase in vocations is committed Christian discipleship. Only when young people fully give their lives to Jesus will they be truly open to His call on their lives.

From these disciples, we believe God is calling a sufficient number of future priests and religious who are “ardent yet gentle heralds of the Gospel.” But it is up to the whole Church to amplify God’s call.

“It is the duty of the whole Christian community to foster vocations so that the needs of the sacred ministry are sufficiently met in the entire Church.”
~Code of Cannon Law #233.1


Vianney Vocations Focuses on Three Main Areas


1) Services for Vocation Offices

We work with dioceses in multi-year engagements, beginning with strategy and planning, and continuing with a range of support: digital communication, event promotion, workshops, and more.

    2) Vocation Resources

    We’ve created more than 200 different resources for parishes, schools and universities, all focused on Catholic vocations and discerning God’s call.

    3) Special Initiatives

    We create programs to help promote and foster vocations:

    Melchizedek Project
    Discernment groups for men

    Discernment groups for women

    Vocation Lessons
    Curriculum for parishes and schools

    Free discernment resources for men in participating dioceses

    Invisible Monastery
    Worldwide community of prayer for vocations

    Resources to promote prayer the Fourth Sunday of Easter

    Resources to celebrate the first week of November




    Create a culture of vocations in which the priesthood & religious life are seen as fulfilling vocations that are appealing to young Catholics.

    Increase the number of inquiries from men interested the priesthood and provide them with high-quality information about discerning a priestly vocation.

    Dramatically improve attendance at events such as discernment retreats and vocation camps.

    Reach out to young people using new media, in the language they understand.

    Energize the presbyterate and laity to join in the work of fostering vocations.

    Provide parishes and schools with the highest-quality resources available to promote vocations.



    If you are a Vocation Director, the first step is a phone call to talk about your diocesan situation and the needs of the Vocation Office. Contact Sam Alzheimer, 877-585-1551, sam@vianneyvocations.com.

    For many projects, we can work via phone, video call, and email. For larger engagements, we often begin with an in-person meeting to get to know you, your staff, and the diocese.

    In all our work, we always emphasize the dignity of the priesthood and the spiritual nature of God’s call. Our aim is to help you attract spiritually healthy men who will serve God’s people faithfully.

    Renewing the Church by Inspiring Vocations