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Vianney Vocations has served more than 125 Dioceses and 4,200 Parishes

“Vianney Vocations is a true
co-worker in the vineyard.”

Fr. Chris Martin
Archdiocese of St. Louis

I highly recommend the team at Vianney Vocations as a ministry partner to any Vocation Director—they will make your job a lot easier

Fr. Jonathan Raia
Diocese of Austin

“Their work is amazing and exactly what the Church needs at this time!”

Colleen Darland
Diocese of Davenport


Marketing does not produce vocations. Rather, we believe the only solution to the vocation crisis is discipleship. When young Catholics say, “Jesus, I give my life to you!” it leads naturally to the question, “Lord, what should I do with my life?” An authentic encounter with God, followed by sincere, open discernment is the surest path to increasing vocations.


We’re always looking for new ways to inspire young Catholics.

Melchizedek Project Men's Discernment Groups

Men’s Discernment Groups

Discern the priesthood with the support of others. More than 11,000 young men have participated in Melchizedek Project groups as they discern the priesthood.

Avow Women Discernment Group

Women’s Discernment Groups

Avow is a discussion group for young women who use the book Discerning Religious Life as a guide for learning about religious life, prayer, and principles of discernment

Vocation Lessons

Send sisters to schools! Pay it forward by sponsoring a Catholic classroom, and we’ll send every student a one of Mother Clare’s new books in the series Little Convent in the Big City.


Men in participating dioceses can request free copies of To Save a Thousand Souls and Is Jesus Calling You to Be a Catholic Priest? Included when we design your diocese’s seminarian poster.

Avow Women Discernment Group

Invisible Monastery

Invisible Monastery is a worldwide community of people committed to praying for vocations. Members pledge to pray daily, weekly, or monthly.

Vocation Bible School

Vocation Bible School

Discovery Mission is a VBS all about vocations! Filled with fun activities to introduce kids to each vocation. Solid theology and excellent Leader Kit. 


Vocation Lessons

A K-12 Curriculum for both schools and parishes, focused on teaching catholic kids about marriage, priesthood, consecrated life, and how to listen to God’s call

Avow Women Discernment Group

The Augustine Way

A new path to purity. This innovative blend of spirituality and psychology disrupts ingrained habits and helps participants establish long-term patterns of chastity.

Vocation Bible School

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

A website dedicated to the Church’s annual call for prayer. Chock-full of free resources for parishes and schools.