Effective strategies & expert support for Vocation Offices

An Extension of your Vocation Office Staff

Most Vocation Directors have a long “wish list” of projects that they don’t have the time or expertise to accomplish. That’s exactly why Vianney Vocations exists. We act as an extension of your staff, bringing 10+ years of experience working with other Vocation Offices.

Essentially, we provide behind-the-scenes support for events, communications, planning, and more.

Since 2009, we have worked with over 100 dioceses. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we’ll help you focus on the most effective ways to raise vocation awareness and reach young people.


Vocation Pathway

What is it?

Vocation Pathway is a comprehensive strategy to help dioceses increase their number of seminarians. It begins with forming and training a robust Vocation Team, then identifying faithful young men and accompanying them as they discern their vocations. The Vocation Pathway is a self-sustaining effort that funds itself, as well as contributing to the cost of seminarian formation.

  • Form a small team of well-trained priests
  • Create an established “pipeline” of faithful men
  • Ensure robust attendance at in-person events
  • Follow up consistently – no man left behind!
  • Greatly increase the number of applicants
  • Fund the entire effort
  • Repeat to establish a clear path to priesthood

Online Communication

Vocations Websites

Vocation Websites

Clean, beautiful, functional websites to serve as the hub of your online communications.

Online Communication

Email Newsletters

Regular communication to inspire and educate candidates. We also have a version for vocation promoters. 

Online Communication

Social Media

Maintain your Facebook or Twitter account with fresh content about discernment, priesthood, and diocesan news. 

Design & Promotion

Vocations Posters

Annual Seminarian Posters

Beautiful seminarian posters, custom- designed with your theme. Includes enrollment in

Promo Materials

Promotional Materials

Great-looking printed materials to promote events, encourage prayer, and inspire youth. 

Printing & Distribution

Printing & Distribution

Fast, high-quality, inexpensive printing. Plus distribution to parishes and schools on your behalf. 

Strategy & Planning



We assess the Vocation Office’s efforts in several key areas and help you clarify the areas to strengthen and prioritize.


Vocation Plans

In consultation with you and your bishop, we help you develop a three-year plan that is practical, reasonable, and effective.


Demographic Reports

Using historical data and trends within the diocese, we offer a clear projection of your need for priests for the next 20 years.

Workshops & Events


Clergy Conferences

Focus on priestly identity and helping pastors become the ‘vocation directors’ of their own parishes. 

Vocation Plans

Vocation Summits

Diocesan-wide events to re-ignite your focus on vocations. Created to help  lay people understand and embrace their role in creating a culture of vocations.

Clergy Conferences

Camps & Retreats

We promote Discernment Retreats and Vocation Camps for youth and young adults, ensuring on-target messaging and robust attendance.

Getting started with Vianney Vocations

The first step is a phone call to talk about your diocesan situation and the needs of the Vocation Office.

For many projects, we can work via phone, video call, and email. For larger engagements, we often begin with an in-person meeting to get to know you, your staff, and the diocese.

In all our work, we always emphasize the dignity of the priesthood and the spiritual nature of God’s call. Our aim is to help you attract spiritually healthy men who will serve God’s people faithfully.