Equipping Priests to be the Vocation Directors of their Parishes

Help Priests to Refocus on Vocations

Priests beget priests. Asked what most influenced their decision to enter seminary, nearly all men will point to a specific priest who supported and encouraged them.

With this in mind, it’s critical that priests have the mindset and tools to be the “Vocation Directors” of their own parishes.

Fr. Brett Brannen and Sam Alzheimer offer vocation-themed retreats and conferences in a variety of formats to fit your diocesan schedule. Every conference focuses on priestly identity and practical ideas to foster vocations in parishes and schools.

Day-long vocations workshops

Priest retreats

Traditional clergy conferences

With the demands of normal parish life, many priests don’t emphasize vocations as much as they would like. Our clergy conferences don’t simply offer ideas; they offer new approaches for bringing a “vocations mentality” to regular parish ministry.

Fr. Brett Brannen

Fr. Brannen is the Director of Spiritual Formation at the Pontifical College Josephinum. He leads retreats nationwide and is well-known for his work with priests and seminarians. His conferences help priests to renew their sense of priestly identity and revive their commitment to healthy, effective ministry in their parishes. He is the author of To Save a Thousand Souls, which has become a standard book for candidates discerning the priesthood.


Sam Alzheimer

Sam is the founder of Vianney Vocations. He has worked with more than 60 Vocation Directors in creating a culture of vocations and has developed dozens of resources used nationwide in parishes and schools. His presentations focus on realistic ways that busy pastors can become the vocation directors of their own parishes, without relying overmuch on new programs.

To schedule a retreat, workshop, or clergy conference, please email Fr. Brannen or Sam Alzheimer.

Renewing the Church by Inspiring Vocations