Strategy & Planning

Your Roadmap to Increasing Priestly Vocations

Consultation & Assessment

Coaching for Vocation Directors

If you’re a new Vocation Director, or even if you’ve been in the office a few years, it can help to have an experienced outside assessment. We meet with you to assess your efforts in campus ministry, Catholic schools, communication, and several other key areas. The goal is to clarify the trajectory of the Vocation Office so you’re focusing on the most important things.

In-person meeting with experts who have worked with many Vocations Offices

Evaluation on keys aspects of vocation work

Follow-up calls to assess progress

We work with you to grade the diocese’s current efforts to promote vocations, then identify areas to prioritize.

Demographic Reports

A detailed study of the diocese’s need for priests in the long term (25+ years)

How many priests do we need? How many will we need taking into account retirements, deaths, ordinations, and seminarian recruitment and retention?

A Demographic Report analyzes the presbyterate and gives exact figures on your future need for priests. This information is invaluable for creating your long-range plan, securing an adequate budget, and communicating the “vocations landscape” to your bishop and fellow priests.

Extensive, detailed review of current clergy and diocesan demographics

Written report with analysis of historic data and future trends, plus recommendations

Clear targets for the number of seminarians to accept each year

In-person presentation to bishop and key diocesan personnel

The written report includes clear graphs and charts showing historic trends in the presbyterate and projected number of priests, taking into account multiple demographic factors.

Vocation Plans

A practical roadmap with clear objectives

We help you create an effective, realistic plan to create a culture of vocations in your diocese. This includes both short-term projects and long-term initiatives. We then provide expert support for you and your staff to carry through on your vision.

Close collaboration with you and your staff to make a concrete plan detailing timeline, responsibilities, and costs.

Typically includes a detailed "internal plan" and a published "external plan" with 4-6 areas of emphasis.

Can include presentation to clergy to unveil the plan and launch new initiatives.

Our Vocation Plans tend to be short (12 pages or less), concise, and realistic.

Renewing the Church by Inspiring Vocations