Social Media

Robust Online Presence to Reach Young Catholics

Visible and Relevant

Vianney Vocations manages Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for Vocation Offices to ensure you have a consistent online presence. 


Maintain account with posts relevant to your diocese as well as general content about vocations and discernment.

Promote events and drive Facebook and Twitter users to your website.

Respond quickly to your requests to post content.

Integrate your e-newsletters, blogs, Youtube channel, and other online accounts.

Review activity and delete inappropriate comments.

The bottom line: we provide a consistent “backbone” to your social media presence, leaving you free to post your own content as you wish, without the pressure of having to continually keep it current.

We follow all your diocesan social media activity and share posts relevant to priests and seminarians. Plus we add links to discernment articles, quotes from saints, and reminders about various vocation events & dates.

Social Media Squares

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