Seminarian Posters

On-brand Posters Offering Free Discernment Resources

Vocations Posters

More than a Poster

Not only do our seminarian posters feature bold, priestly imagery, they also generate canditates.

Each poster offers free discernment resources to men in your diocese via QR codes to

When candidates visit, they can take a free vocations self-test, and request free copies of To Save a Thousand Souls and Is Jesus Calling You To Be a Catholic Priest? 

The Vocation Director immediately receives an email alert with the candidate’s contact information.

Custom-designed for your diocese according to your theme and vision.

Includes enrollment in, where men in your diocese can request free discernment resources.

Catholic designers who understand your mission and audience.

Can include a matching prayer card with seminarian names.

Card holder attached to the poster with your business cards.

Delivery to parishes and schools (if desired) with a cover letter from you.


Seminarian Prayer Cards


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