Camps & Retreats

Opening Hearts to God’s Call

Discernment Retreats

A well-run Discernment Retreat is one of the most important events for the Vocation Office. We can help promote your retreat to ensure good attendance, or even provide on-the-ground support, with seasoned retreat masters to preach on priesthood & discernment.

Diocesan-wide promotion, as well as personal invitations

Online registration

Retreat agenda with prayer, talks, and opportunity for both spiritual direction and camaraderie among the men.

We believe a Discernment Retreat should provide a true opportunity for metanoia—deep change of soul—as well as solid content on priesthood and discernment.

Vocation Camps

We can supercharge your camp for teens! We ensure robust, diocesan-wide promotion and  manage online registrations. We can also help run a camp  packed with high-energy activities, prayer, and solid advice on listening to God’s call. We can help with an existing camp, or create a new camp from the ground up!

Diocesan-wide promotion

Online registration

On-the-ground organization with a blend of fun, prayer, and downtime for real discernment.

Can provide music, coordinate photos/video, handle t-shirts, and generally ensure your camp runs smoothly.

Our motto for Vocation Caps is “play hard, pray hard.” Teens want fun outdoor activities, but their souls crave prayer and quiet time, too.

Event Promotion

Already running an event, but just need better attendance? Promoting your vocation events is our true passion. We’ve helped dozens of dioceses increase attendance at camps, seminary trips, retreats, and more. We use a blend of print and digital media to communicate with your target audience and make sure you have a crowd!

Good-looking promo materials, with the right blend of print and digital media

Diocesan-wide promotion and personal invitation.

Coordinate online registration, permission forms, payments, etc.

Depending on the event, promotion includes web sites, social media, email, flyers, posters, invitations, etc.

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