Discernment Emails

Regular Emails to Connect & Inspire

Regular Contact & Discernment Wisdom

A regular email provides regular contact with your candidates. We write and design each issue, providing inspiring and relevant information on how to discern a priestly vocation. 


Custom, professional design for your diocese.

52 issues, each focused on one aspect of discerning the priesthood.

You can edit content as desired.

We work with you to revise & refresh list of recipients

Add "event blocks" to end of each email to advertise retreats, camps, etc.

Sent via email system, so it comes from you to each individual candidate.

Can be integrated with your website and social media

NEW: Auto Weekly Emails

We can also offer a years’s worth of automated weekly emails to candidates. When a guy joins the list, he automatically starts at issue #1 and receives weekly discernment articles for 52 weeks.


We take care of the content and design of each email, then send you a draft each month to review and revise as needed. Our email system delivers the message, and you can also archive content on your website and share via social media.

The email comes from you, and often sparks a response from men who have questions or want to schedule a meeting.

52 Issues on Discerning the Priesthood

  • The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make
  • Gaining Peace Through Prayer
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Why Celibacy for Priests?
  • Talking to Family and Friends about Interest in the Priesthood
  • Be It Done Unto Me According to Your Word
  • The Heart of a Priest
  • Pope Benedict Speaks to Seminarians
  • Discernment Spirituality
  • How to Leave Seminary (Before You’ve Even Entered)
  • The Art of Self-Knowledge
  • Seminary 101
  • How to Talk to the Vocation Director
  • Why the Words, “And With Your Spirit?”
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Why You Need a Spiritual Director
  • Priest Hero: Fr. Vincent Capodanno
  • Undecided is Not a Vocation
  • Adventures in Priesthood
  • Priesthood: Vocation of Last Resort?
  • Check Your Baggage at the Door
  • Total Abandonment
  • Two Things to Do While You’re Discerning
  • St. Isaac Jogues
  • What Will You Do With Your Life?
  • Sometimes God Wants You to do the “Wrong” Thing 
  • God Equips Those He Calls
  • Missionaries of the New Evangelization
  • Christian Poverty
  • Mom, Dad… I Have Great News!
  • Dating and Discernment
  • Celibacy and Fatherhood
  • Your Vocation—Destiny or Free Choice?
  • What is Prayer?
  • Saints, not Superheroes
  • Fear of Commitment
  • St. John Vianney
  • Climbing the Mountain
  • How to Pray
  • Priestly Courage
  • Discernment and Desire
  • Wait and See
  • What St. Joseph Can Teach Us About Discernment
  • Cyber Discernment
  • Discernment Advice from St. Ignatius
  • Cultivation of Your Vocation
  • Vocation and Free-Will: Whose Choice Is It?
  • The Shepherd’s Voice
  • What is a Priest? The Sacred Office of the Priesthood
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Atheism vs. Vocation

Renewing the Church by Inspiring Vocations