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Many good Catholics want to help promote vocations. But how? A well-designed monthly e-newsletter provides ideas to Serra Clubs, parish vocation ministries, Knights of Columbus, etc.

Each issue offers great advice and suggests practical initiatives for parishes and schools. You can also enlist support for promoting your upcoming projects and events.

The Vocation Promoter e-newsletter equips Catholics to foster vocations in their own parishes and schools. It includes ideas for prayer and projects, but it also goes deeper, offering a solid theology of vocations, often through the example of the saints.

These 48 issues are an absolute treasure-trove for willing Catholics who wish to aid the work of the Vocation Office. 

Send to Serrans, parish staff, permanent deacons, school personnel, and other groups who will work and pray for vocations. 


Custom, professional design for your diocese.  

Educational and practical ideas for fostering vocations – edit as desired!

Can be integrated with your website and social media

We work with you to revise & refresh list of recipients
Add “event blocks” to end of each email to promote retreats, camps, etc.

Sent via email system, so it comes from you to each promoter.

48 Ideas to Promote Vocations

  1. A Sacred Moment – How to Talk to a Man about the Priesthood
  2. “Dad, I Want to Be A Priest” – Encouraging Your Children to Discern Their Vocations
  3. 10 Great Vocation Videos
  4. Vows and Promises – The Difference Between Diocesan and Religious Priests
  5. Louis and Zelie Martin – Promoting Vocations in Those Close to Us
  6. A Holy Hour for Vocations
  7. The Proper Use of the Term “Vocation”
  8. Promoting Vocations in the Classroom
  9. Three Great Books Every Vocation Promoter Should Know About
  10. How to Support Your Seminarians
  11. Mary, Mother of Vocations
  12. Discipleship is Ground Zero
  13. Vocations in the Domestic Church
  14. You Can Help Promote Our Vocation Events
  15. Help Families Promote Vocations
  16. National Vocation Awareness Week
  17. Supporting Those Who “Discern Out”
  18. Start A Vocation Prayer Campaign
  19. Suffering for Vocations
  20. Persisting in Prayer
  21. St. Monica: Patient in Prayer but Quick on Her Feet
  22. Show Joy in Your Vocation
  23. Providing Good Vocation Information
  24. Building a Culture of Vocations


  1. Reverence for the Priesthood
  2. Q&A With St. Ignatius
  3. Signs of a Priestly Vocation
  4. Removing Obstacles to Discernment
  5. Pope Saint John Paul II’s Message to Parents
  6. Little Things Produce Results
  7. The Importance of Spiritual Direction
  8. St. Junípero Serra’s Missionary Spirit
  9. Discernment Made Simple
  10. Celibacy As A Gift
  11. Say Not “He Is Too Young”
  12. Vocation and the Cross
  13. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – Model Vocation Promoter
  14. 6 Month Discernment Challenge
  15. Book Review – Discerning Religious Life
  16. André Louf and Hearing God’s Voice
  17. Lessons from St. John of Avila
  18. Modeling How Vocations Develop
  19. Encourage the Young to Make a Gift of Themselves
  20. Supporting Vocations and Evangelization Are Two Sides of the Same Coin
  21. Eucharistic Adoration and Vocations – A Clear Link
  22. God Works Behind the Scenes
  23. Making Room for Discernment
  24. Offering Practical Help to Discerners