What Vocation Directors Say about Vianney Vocations

Knows The Heart of Vocation Discernment

“I trust Vianney Vocations because they really know the heart of vocational discernment and the priesthood. This is what informs their decisions about what and how to communicate, and how to design media that helps the discernment process.”

Fr. Tim Hepburn

Vocation Director, Archdiocese of Atlanta

A Co-Worker in the Vineyard

“Vianney Vocations, by providing high quality, dynamic and relevant discernment resources and promotional materials, is a true co-worker in the vineyard for every diocesan vocation director. In the several years that I have worked with Vianney Vocations, Sam and his team have relieved me of the burden of spending too much time trying to create dynamic materials, and have allowed me to focus on being a Fisher of Men with the materials they provide.”

Fr. Chris Martin

Vocation Director, Archdiocese of St. Louis

Quality, Integrity, and the Values of the Church

“Sam and his team at Vianney Vocations have been a source of constant support. They provide guidance and vision so we as Vocation Directors can remain focused on the personal encounter with discerners. I can share my ideas and vision and it is almost as if Sam and the design team are connected to my brain. Being in the New York Metropolitan area the quality of the resources have to be on par with “Madison Avenue,” and Vianney Vocations is able to produce such high quality with the integrity and values of the Catholic Church.”

Fr. Joe Fitzgerald

Vocation Director, Diocese of Rockville Centre

High-Quality Support Makes My Job Easier

I give thanks to God for Vianney Vocations and for all they have provided to me and my office—from website and poster design, to the various materials and prayer cards, and especially the Melchizedek Project that has been a great source of grace for our young men at the University of Massachusetts.  What I value most is not only the promptness but also quality of the materials and programs produced.  There is always something new coming from Vianney Vocations. Thanks for making my ministry easier.

Fr. Gary Daily

Vocation Director, Diocese of Springfield, MA

An Ally in Creating a Culture of Vocations

“Creating a culture of vocations in a local church is a necessary effort accompanied by many challenges. Vianney Vocations is an essential ally, with a great love for the Church combined with an ability to speak honestly and relevantly to those considering a religious vocation. Their efforts are a great service to the Catholic Church at the local and national level in many ways. In the work of creating a culture of vocations, Vianney Vocations is one of the best allies available.”

Fr. Michael Wimsatt

Vocation Director, Archdiocese of Louisville

Highly Recommended to Any Diocese

At the Archdiocese of Baltimore, we have found the work of Vianney Vocations to be an essential part of our vocations ministry. They have provided us with beautiful and professional quality promotional materials, including our website, our seminarian poster, and flyers to advertise our discernment camps (to name just a few). When you work with Vianney, you are not just working with a company but with a partner in the mission of vocations. They have consistently gone above and beyond to not only provide us with effective tools to reach the young men and women in our Archdiocese but even more so, they help us to envision the next steps we could take to grow in our ministry. This is a company that thinks with the Church and has a heart for vocations ministry. I highly recommend Vianney Vocations to any diocese seeking new ways to strengthen their mission of vocations.

Julia Vidmar

Vocations Office Coordinator, Archdiocese of Baltimore

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