Touchless Dispenser • Adjustable Water Flow • Solid Carved Oak





Aqua Sancta Touchless Holy Water Font


A beautiful carved holy water font with touchless dispenser and adjustable water flow. A safe and elegant way to re-introduce holy water to the parish. Choose either Pedestal model or Wall Mount model in light oak, medium oak, or dark oak.

NOTE: Because of extremely high demand, orders placed after March 1 will be shipped after Easter.


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Quantity Pedestal Version Wall Mount Version
1 $585 ea. $340 ea.
2 $545 ea. $315 ea.
3 $500 ea. $295 ea.
4+ $480 ea. $275 ea.

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About the Aqua Sancta Touchless Holy Water Font

A touchless font that works well & looks great

Vianney Vocations developed the Aqua Sancta Touchless Holy Water Font because we missed this powerful sacramental at our own parishes. We wanted a dispenser that didn’t have a “medical” appearance and instead complemented the parish’s liturgical furniture. So we created a font that works well, isn’t messy, and looks beautiful in any church. 


Why re-introduce holy water through a touchless font?

Parishioners miss having holy water! We believe holy water is an important part of our Catholic identity that defends against evil and reminds us of our baptism. Because attitudes have changed during the pandemic, we feel that even if parishes resume using normal fonts, many people will prefer a touchless option.

Hand-Crafted Exterior

The Aqua Sancta font is solid oak with carved detailing. Our Georgia-based craftsmen take great pride in assembling each font with care.

Font Features
• Magnetic lid to access dispenser
• Basin to catch any excess water
• Sturdy solid oak pedestal and base
• Hardware for wall mount included 

Two versions
• Pedestal Font
• Wall Mount Fount

Stain options
• Light Oak
• Medium Oak
• Dark Oak


Digital Interior

The interior dispenser has a battery-operated sensor that operates a pump when a hand is waived beneath it. The pump can be digitally adjusted to control water flow. (We recommend the lowest setting). Additionally, the digital dispenser shows battery life and water level.

High Capacity
The 12-ounce capacity can dispense holy water for about 500 people before re-filling.

Dispenser Features
• Adjustable water flow
• Digital screen shows battery level and water level
• Long-life batteries included

‘Mechanized’ Holy Water?

Admittedly, it took us awhile to get used to the idea of holy water—something so simple—coming out of a high-tech dispenser. But we reasoned that the water has to reach us somehow, whether using your hand, a sea shell, or an aspergillum (some of which are super fancy). Holy water is essentially mediated through some other means. Why not through a safe, touchless dispenser?

Tech Specs

Wall mount version is 14” high x 6” wide x 10.5” deep
Pedestal version is 50.5” 4” high x 6” wide x 11” deep

Assembly & Installation
The Wall Mount Font affixes easily to the wall with two screws (included). The Pedestal Version is easily assembled with four screws and is very sturdy, with a weighted base so it will not tip over.

Flat Surface Use
Note that while the Wall Mount Font can be used on a flat surface like a table, the catch basin will not seat in the circular opening, but rather sit up approximately 1.5” higher than in the product photo. However, the font works fine on a flat surface.


Church Hand Sanitizer Station

Instead of unsightly bottles of Purell in the sanctuary, use this version for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to sanitize near the altar. The exterior is carved with a “hand cleanser” icon and the dispenser contains liquid hand sanitizer. (Note that this counts toward your quantity discount.) VIEW HAND SANITIZER STATION