Bring Sisters to Catholic Kids!

Introducing a new series about the beauty and joy of religious life… Little Convent in the Big City, by Mother Clare, CFR

The Unsolvable Problem

by Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR

So many of our Catholic kids have never seen a sister!

Mother Clare is on a mission to introduce Catholic kids to religious life with humor, verve, and imaginative story-telling.

The Unsolvable Problem introduces kids to Sr. Mary Andy and her lovable convent of sisters, who encounter a big dilemma as they plan a patriotic picnic for the poor.

Along the way, kids will experience convent life, get opportunities to pray to Jesus, and learn what to do when they encounter life’s problems, big and small.

Cute, but not too cute

The Unsolvable Problem delights without being sugary, teaches without being preachy, and both demystifies and illuminates religious life.

What other book includes both a kid-friendly explanation of the Eucharist and a recipe for root-beer floats?!

Based on an amazing true story that happened in New York City just before the Fourth of July.

Little Convent in the Big City

A New Series for Kids

The Unsolvable Problem is the first book in a new series called Little Convent in the Big City in which Mother Clare will invite readers into the real-life adventures of living religious life in New York City.

Through playful and conversational language, kids discover the convent chapel, the compassionate work of sisters, and the importance of the chapel bells (which you obey, of course, just like you obey your mother).

In The Unsolvable Problem, children encounter themes of providence, patriotism, and prayerfulness. They’ll learn about Adoration, service to the poor, and how to run to Jesus with life’s problems.

Story of Mother’s Mission

A Book with a Purpose

Mother Clare has long felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to a special mission: to let the world know that religious life is alive and well!

This “call within a call” began years ago—but gained new urgency when Mother Clare met a young woman named Kaylin with a remarkable story.

As a teen, Kaylin had begun sensing God had a special call for her. After entering a well-known Catholic university, she frequently prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, feeling deep within her heart that Jesus was calling her to be a religious sister.

Perplexed, she responded quite sincerely, “Lord, how can you be calling me to something that doesn’t exist anymore?”

This well-educated, “good Catholic girl,” attending a famous Catholic institution, sincerely thought that religious life belonged to a bygone era, and if it was not entirely extinct, was getting close to it!

Happily, Kaylin spoke to a good priest who steered her to a good religious community, where today she is thriving in her vocation.

Mother Clare was struck by this young lady’s story. As she put it: “It absolutely lit a fire within me! If ‘good Catholic girls’ are growing up thinking religious life is only from a history book, we’ve got to put this light on a hill!”

Little Convent in the Big City is part of this mission. The new series introduces both girls and boys to the joy of religious life–in a down-to-earth way that both makes sisters real and illuminates the beauty of their vocation.

Little Convent in the Big City

So many kids don’t even know religious life exists! Mother Clare’s book introduces children to the warmth and love of sisters, who care about the well-being of their souls.

Little Convent in the Big City
Little Convent - The Unsolvable Problem

About the Author

Mother Clare Matthiass was born in Germany and spent her childhood moving from post to post while her father served in the military.

She attended Franciscan University of Steubenville, and joined the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal (CFRs) in 1998. (Wow–almost 25 years ago!) Her primary mission, like all CFR sisters, is hands-on work with the poor and evangelization.

She was instrumental in producing the film For Love Alone and is the author of the widely-used book Discerning Religious Life.

Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal

About the Illustrator

Michael Corsini is a renowned Catholic artist who has illustrated numerous children’s books. He is a graduate of both the Ringling School of Art and Design and the John Paul II Institute.

He lives with his wife and six children on a small homestead in Pennsylvania, where he seeks to proclaim the Gospel through art and music. Visit his website

“I often say that the spiritual healing and renewal needed in our time, begins through an encounter with Beauty; the kind of beauty that reveals Christ, and allows for Him to do His Work.”