Little Convent in the Big City – The Light in You


Book 2 of the Little Convent series by Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR. In The Light in You, Sister Mary Andy visits Antonio, a lonely neighbor who lives with his dog, Star, in a dark New York City apartment. Cheering him up with simple presents and a listening ear, the Sisters finally offer Antonio the best gift of all: an encounter with Jesus at Midnight Mass. Along the way, children learn how to give meaningful gifts, deal with difficult emotions, and turn to Jesus in good times and bad.  A truly beautiful story to warm the hearts of children and adults alike.

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The Light in You is the second book in Mother Clare’s new series, Little Convent in the Big City. It’s an emotion-filled story about the joy of sisters lifting human sadness, and how Christ’s light can penetrate any darkness.

On one of their neighborhood visits, Sr. Mary Andy and the sisters encounter Antonio, a blind man who lives alone with his dog Star, and whose darkened apartment matches his mood. The sisters cheer up Antonio with hand-made presents, but eventually offer him the greatest gift of all: to attend midnight Mass. What happens next is a miracle of the heart!

With the bustling New York City as a backdrop, Sr. Mary Andy teaches children how to deal with negative emotions, turn small presents into meaningful gifts, and lift their hearts by focusing on Jesus.

The Light in You is among illustrator Michael Corsini’s best works, with each page perfectly capturing the spirit of the sisters and the mood of New York City. “My intention was to make the light itself another ‘character’ really conveying the emotion of each scene,” he explained. The result is exceptional luminosity on each hand-painted page.

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