Little Convent in the Big City – The Unsolvable Problem


Book 1 of the Little Convent series. Mother Clare Matthias, CFR is on a mission to introduce religious life to Catholic kids who may have never even seen a sister—and to do so with humor, verve, and imaginative story-telling.

The Unsolvable Problem introduces kids to Sr. Mary Andy and her lovable convent of sisters, who encounter a big dilemma as they plan a patriotic picnic for the poor. Along the way, kids will learn about convent life, little prayers to Jesus, why to obey the convent bells, and what do when they encounter life’s problems, big and small.

Based on an amazing true story that happened in New York City just before the Fourth of July. Illustrated by famed Catholic children’s book artist Michael Corsini, whose hand-painted style perfectly captures the emotions of the sisters and the beautiful spirit of their Little Convent in the Big City.



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Because children encounter religious sisters so seldom these days, Mother Clare Matthiass, the superior of the CFR sisters in New York, had an inspired idea: let's bring sisters to them! But not only that—let's do it in a way that is at once fun and profound, down-to-earth yet pointed at heaven.

Thus was born a delightful new series, Little Convent in the Big City, which introduces kids to Sr. Mary Andy and her lovable convent of sisters. Through playful and conversational language, kids discover the convent chapel, the compassionate work of sisters, and the importance of the chapel bells (which you obey, of course, just like you obey your mother).

In The Unsolvable Problem, Sr. Mary Andy has a big dilemma. The sisters are planning a special Fourth of July celebration for the poor people in their neighborhood, but they’re missing a key ingredient. So Sr. Mary Andy visits the chapel to bring  her problem to Jesus. A few hours later, the doorbell rings... And when the doorbell at the convent rings, get ready for a little adventure!

Beautifully illustrated by renowned children's artist Michael Corsini, whose Catholic faith shines through in every hand-painted page.

This is a Catholic children's book that delights without being sugary, that teaches without being preachy, and that both demystifies and illuminates religious life. What other book includes both a kid-friendly explanation of the Eucharist and a recipe for root-beer floats?!


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