Peter on the Shore: Vocation in Scripture and in Real Life

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An excellent, simply written guide to discerning your vocation through the lens of sacred scripture. Written by Fr. Anthony Bannon, LC.

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Jesus calls everyone to a particular vocation. Not just Peter and the Apostles, but you. Perhaps you are looking for help to make up your own mind, or you want to understand and encourage a relative or friend who feels a call. Perhaps you are seeking help to open your heart to accept your son’s or daughter’s vocation, or maybe you are one of the many members of the Church concerned about the apparent lack of vocations we are suffering, and you want to see if you can do something about it. Peter on the Shore is an attempt to look at vocation through a lens of Scripture and real life, and to help bring clarity to Christ’s call.

About the Author
Fr Anthony Bannon was born on April 25, 1947, in Dublin, Ireland. He joined the LC novitiate in his home town on September 14, 1964. He made his first religious profession on September 15, 1966, and his perpetual profession on April 2, 1972. He was ordained a priest on December 24, 1975. He holds a license in philosophy from the Gregorian University.



Introduction: Scripture and Vocation

1. God’s Eternal Plan A.K.A. The Big Picture

2. God’s Speech, God’s Silence

3. Telling God’s Call from My Imagination

4. The Mysterious Way of Prayer

5. Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters

6. Vocation and Fulfillment

7. Vocation and the Church

8. Vocation, a Personal Encounter

9. Vocation and the Cross

10. Vocation and Age


11. I Feel I’m Being Pressured

12. I Would Prefer to Get Married

13. I Am Too Young

14. I Have Other Plans

15. Better a Good Christian Than a Bad Priest

16. My Family Will Never Let Me, They Will Never Understand

17. I’m in Debt

18. It’s like Joining a Cult

19. I’m Waiting for a Sign

20. I’m Discerning

21. What is Needed are Catholic Families

22. It’s Too Late

23. I’m Still Fighting With Sin

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