Serra Vocation Curriculum Packet • High School


Robust vocations curriculum for Catholic high schools! Your Club can now equip local Catholic high schools (and parish Confirmation classes)) with everything they need to effectively teach vocations. The packet includes hardcopy curriculum supplements AND a one-year subscription to Vocation Lessons, a comprehensive online vocations curriculum. Everything is presented in a sturdy, handsome 9×12 folder.

Serra Vocation Curriculum Packet • High School

Equip Catholic Schools and Parishes to teach vocations! Terrific packet includes hardcopy vocation workbooks, plus one-year subscription to, a comprehensive online vocations curriculum!

The curriculum is for grades 9-12 and helps teachers present a faithful & positive view of marriage, priesthood, and religious life. This is the best available curriculum of its kind, developed by Vianney Vocations and a team of faithful Catholic educators.

Included are both hardcopy and online options for teachers. Takes up about a week in a high school religion class. Can be adapted for about 3 sessions of a Confirmation prep class.

10 Resources Included

  • Learn to Discern – 40-page Vocation Workbook for Teens 
  • Discernment of Spirits illustrated guide
  • Discernment Self-Test
  • GoPriest Poster – with QR code to online resources 
  • Religious Life poster
  • Discernment Group card
  • Vocations Lessons Guide with Serra login (4 brochures for teachers)

Plus Vocation Lesson Subscription

This packet includes a one-year subscription to Vocation Lessons. Serra login codes are printed on the back of the brochures.

This is an awesome project for your Club! Deliver packets to every School Principal and Parish DRE in your area to present robust content for teaching our students about every vocation, and how to listen for God’s call.


Quick Look at All Resources Included

Learn to Discern Workbook

Discernment of Spirits Guide

Discernment Self-Test

HS Vocation Lessons Guide with Serra logins

GoPriest Poster with link to Online Resources

Religious Life Poster