Traveling Vocation Crucifix Kit


Terrific kit contains everything you need to start a Vocations Crucifix program for either your parish or school.

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The kit includes:

  • Distinctive, high-quality 10” bronze crucifix with stand-up base.
  • Two brochures—one for schools and one for parish families—that explains the program and provides daily prayers for vocations.
  • 200 vocation prayer cards for students & families
  • Travel case with protective foam padding
The Traveling Vocation Crucifix is a tried-and true program to inspire  prayer for vocations. The idea is simple: every week, the crucifix  travels to a new family (or classroom). The family enthrones it in a  place of honor and prays for vocations each night using the prayers  inside the brochure. At the end of the week, they pass it along to the  next family. This kit can be used either in schools or families; there are different brochures inside for classrooms or for homes. The Traveling Vocations Crucifix is very easy to use in schools, because  teachers can pass the kit down the hall. Starting the program in  parishes takes a little coordination to ensure that the crucifix passes from family to family. Some parishes “hand off” the kit at the end of Mass to the next family. Sometimes it is used only during a specific  time period, such as Lent or Advent. For more tips on running the  program, visit If using with schools, consider handing out Vocation Worksheets to students.

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