Vocation Curriculum Packet


Provide Catholic schools and parish DREs with materials to teach vocations to students in K-12. Includes 5 worksheets for students in K-8, a terrific workbook for high schools students, and a beautiful classroom vocations poster. Presented in a sturdy, handsome 9×12 folder.


Vocation Curriculum Packet

Equip Catholic Schools and Parishes to teach students about the vocations! New packet includes K-8 vocation worksheets, plus high school workbook. Also includes “Classroom Consecration” poster for students to pray for their own vocations.

The K-8 worksheets can be used for a one-hour class focused on vocations. The “Learn to Discern” high school workbook can be used for a 1-2 week long unit.

All resources present a postive and compelling vision of marriage, priesthood and religious life. The middle school and high school material also offers solid advice on discering one’s vocation.

After review, teachers can decide which resources will work best in their classrooms and order additional materials.

7 Resources Included

  • Vocations Worksheet for PK-K
  • Vocations Worksheet for Grades 1-2
  • Vocations Worksheet for Grades 3-4
  • Vocations Worksheet for Grades 5-6
  • Vocations Worksheet for Middle School
  • 36-page Vocations Workbook for High School
  • Classroom Consecration Poster (for saying daily vocation prayer)

    Quick Look at All Resources Included

    Kindergarten Worksheet

    Grades 1-2 Worksheet

    Grades 3-4 Worksheet

    Grades 5-6 Worksheet

    Middle School 4-page Worksheet

    PLUS - Classroom Consecration Poster