Discerning Life Decisions (set of 50)


Four-fold brochure concisely explains how to approach big decisions using the three modes of discernment proposed by St. Ignatius. An excellent guide for any Christian facing life choices, including those discerning their vocations.

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This brochure re-presents a small portion of Ignatian principals—those dealing with decision-making—with reference to the works of Fr. Timothy Gallagher, one of Ignatius’ best modern interpreters. It includes a brief overview of Christian decision-making, along with a guide for preparing one’s heart for the discernment process. It then offers an overview of three “modes” of discernment:

First Mode: Clarity Beyond Doubting
Second Mode: An Attraction of the Heart
Third Mode: A Preponderance of Reasons

The four-fold brochure includes advice on not making changes in times of desolation, as well as wisdom on how you will know you have arrived at a good decision. The content is not only for those discerning their vocations, but also for any Christian facing important decisions in life.

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